08 November 20

Five things to look for in Scaffolding

Quality scaffolding is the key for swift and safe construction of buildings. Dodgy scaffolding can cause dreadful mishaps that every construction project wants to avoid. So, here are five signs of great scaffolding work that every construction company should strive to achieve. 

1. Quality scaffolding material

Data from the Bureau of Labour statistics reveal that 72% of workers injured in scaffolding accidents attributed it to having walkway planks cave in. Planking of premium quality is absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to scaffolding. They should be built out of construction grade aluminium or steel to ensure herculean strength and durability. The theme of supreme quality should also extent to the rest of the materials used in scaffolding like cuplocks and clamps.

If your capital doesn’t allow you to make a purchase of this stature, then, consider renting from us at a very affordable price. 

2. Flawless structural Construction Scaffolding can be of 3 different types – 

  • Supported Platform System
  • Suspended Scaffolding
  • Adjustable Scaffolding

Depending on the area, construction type and duration, the perfect type is chosen. It is best left to seasoned professionals. This is when scaffolding specialists like us come to your rescue. Involving us in the construction process ensures – 

  • Perfect scaffolding by experts
  • Use of quality materials 
  • Stress free assembly and dismantling along with maintenance of the structure 
  • Boost productivity 
  • Cuts down on time and expense 

3. Integrity Maintenance 

Erecting a great scaffolding structure is only half the battle won. The integrity of the structure must be kept under keen continuous inspection. Braces, uprights, and supports must be replaced on a regular interval. And most importantly, a scaffolding structure should never be over-loaded with equipment and crowd.  

Consider availing the scaffolding repairing and reconditioning service to keep the structure in its safest shape. 

4. Safety 

When picking your scaffolding construction or manufacturing company, make sure that they have all the licenses and certifications required. 

When it comes to the safety of the scaffolding itself, those falling within the range of 4 feet to 10 feet of height call for good guardrails.  Guardrail supports must be no more than 8 feet apart and must be 2” 4” and about 42 inches high.

As soon as scaffolding reaches the height of 10 feet, the structure should be fortified with toe-boards. Toe boards should reach the height of at least 4 inches. 

5. Height 

It is vital for a construction project to consider the height of the impending building before erecting the scaffolding structure. The scaffolding should complement the height of the construction to ensure that construction quality doesn’t take a dip as it reaches the summit. And more importantly, safety mustn’t be compromised with height.     

Wondering where to find all things scaffolding? Well, you’re at the right place already. Contact us right away for expert advice. 

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