17 November 18

Cuplock scaffold system is a heavy duty support system used in construction sites. They are easy to assemble and lightweight. This multi-purpose system can be used as a support structure and as access. It is mainly used for structure and civil engineering tasks like bridge, office, malls, apartments and retail buildings. You can Hire Cuplock Ledgers, Mumbai by contacting the top service provider like Winntus. Let’s explore more about cuplock ledgers.

Cuplock procedure

Step 1 Locate the blade, transoms, and ledgers into the cup.

Step 2 Glide the upper cup into the standard and rotate properly.

Step 3 Now, take a hammer blow and tighten it.

Step 4 A positive and strong connection of up to 4 units can be done in one single procedure.

Key features of cuplock system

There is no usage of nuts, bolts or wedges in a cuplock system. It is easy to mount. By simply locking each node on the standard structure, up to 4 points can be connected with one action.

Cuplock system is ideal for any formwork support or access.

Cuplock system has a good record of performing well on numerous sites satisfying the requirements of different structures.

Cuplock systems are lightweight but can endure high loads efficiently.

Cuplock system enables quick clasping of horizontals. Up to 4 horizontals can be clasped at a time firmly with the fastening of the top cup to ensure rigid joints.

Fast and strong erection and disassembling are possible in cuplock ledgers. So, the system saves time and labour cost.

Cuplock ledgers are used widely in construction, maintenance or demolition projects. It can be used for either straight or curved structures depending upon the requirement.

The cuplock system has low maintenance.

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