17 November 18

Scaffolding is a fixed or movable stand used for those who work on heights. It is mostly used for painting, plastering, brick work at heights and many more. Let’s discover the types of scaffolding.

Tube scaffolding Mainly organized using couplers and tubes at the joints.

Bamboo/wooden scaffold This type of scaffolding is made from the bamboo material. Though it is eco-friendly, it is not suitable for industrial use.

Suspended scaffold This type of scaffold is suspended from the topmost position of the structure by using outriggers or cantilever beams. The beams are mainly used for lowering and raising the platform. This scaffolding can be used for maintenance work, window cleaning and so on. This is basically used for working on buildings at height. Some of the tall building like malls will have this structure at roof level permanently fixed to perform these operations regularly.

Cuplock ledgers Cuplock system is one type of scaffolding used for locking quickly using 2 cup shaped locks. Hire Cuplock Ledgers like Winntus and avail the best service on market. The cuplock system is easy to use and has more functionality. The cuplock ledgers can be durable and long-lasting. It gives greater strength to the structure and stays for a longer time. The cuplock ledgers are robust in nature and can withstand wear and tear of everyday usage. The maintenance cost is reduced by using cuplock ledgers since it can stand strong, unlike other structures. If you want to hire cuplock ledgers who supply best raw material then, contact Winntus.

Mobile scaffold This is also known as mobile tower scaffold. This scaffolding type is assembled from framing components which is pre-formed. It is fixed with a wheel for easy movement. It is mainly used for buildings where several areas need repair or maintenance work.

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