22 November 18

Scaffolding is used in the building construction as a temporary platform to support the materials used for construction and workers work on site. Scaffolding mainly contains 1 or more planks of specific length and size. Scaffolding makes tough jobs like painting buildings or fixing new windows easier. To get cuplock ledgers on rent, contact Winntus online portal. There are many types of scaffolding with different usage depending on its form. Let’s find out some of the common scaffoldings.

Timber scaffolding

A timber frame is used to provide support for the planks. It is set up at the site with vertical posts, horizontal longitudinal members known as ledgers, longitudinal and transverse cross-bracing and transverse members maintained by the ledgers. The planks are fitted on the transverse structures.

Trestle scaffolding

This scaffolding is used in large sites where little or no height adjustment is needed. It can either be a special design or the wooden saw horses used by the carpenters. It can be used at the height ranging from 2m to 5m.

Putlog scaffold

It is also called as the bricklayer’s scaffold. It is an outer layer of vertical members connected by the ledgers fitted with right angle right angle couplers. They support transverse transoms and can be transformed into brickwork as work continues. It can be used only in the new work which involves bricks or blocks. Cuplock Ledgers on Rent can be found in many popular rental services like Winntus.

Working platform

A working platform is plated or close-boarded surface which can be used to carry out the construction work. It must ensure safe working space and should include maximum strength to support the materials and workers during the construction or maintenance work. All the working platforms should be fitted with a guard rail and toe board if set up from the ground level.

Scaffold Couplers

Scaffold couplers are used to keep the tubes together. Right-angle Couplers, Putlog Couplers, and Swivel Couplers are the 3 main couplers used as of now.

Adjustable Base Plates

Base plates are height adjustable. It comes with a self-cleaning feature in their round threads which ensures a stronghold and adjust well to the ground. Base plates adorn colours and notch markings to provide safety from over-winding.

Diagonal Braces

The diagonal braces are used with a wedge to offer support to the original structure containing ledgers and vertical standards. They can also support special structures with their great connection standards.

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