22 November 18

Scaffolding is also known as scaffold or staging. It is a temporary structure used for backing up the workers and materials on a construction site. It is also used for repairing and maintaining tall buildings, commercial structures, and bridges. One can also hire scaffolding service. If you wish to Hire Scaffolding in Gurgaon, contact Winntus. Let’s find out the list of components used in scaffolding.

Basic components


These are called uprights. They are in the form of perpendicular tubes that can move the total weight of the construction to the ground. To distribute the weight, they lean on a square base plate.


Ledgers are basically a flat tube that acts as an intersection between the standard structures.


Transoms are placed adjacent to the standards and lean on the ledgers at the precise angle. Their main goal is to keep the standards at its place and support the boards. Intermediate transoms positioned between main transoms give extra support to the boards.

Other components of the scaffolding

Scaffold Tubes

Made of aluminium or steel, scaffold tubes are used when there is a danger from the overhead cables which cannot be cut off.

Scaffold Couplers

Scaffold couplers are used to keep the tubes together. Right-angle Couplers, Putlog Couplers, and Swivel Couplers are the 3 main couplers used as of now.

Adjustable Base Plates

Base plates are height adjustable. It comes with a self-cleaning feature in their round threads which ensures a stronghold and adjust well to the ground. Base plates adorn colours and notch markings to provide safety from over-winding.

Diagonal Braces

The diagonal braces are used with a wedge to offer support to the original structure containing ledgers and vertical standards. They can also support special structures with their great connection standards.

It is advisable to hire scaffolding in Gurgaon and save money on the construction budget.

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