22 November 18

Shuttering is one of the formwork systems which is used to support vertical surface. For example. acrow props, beam sides, column sides, wall side, slab side, and so on. Acrow props are one of the major shuttering product which is used to support overhead loads. Till the 1900s, the construction industry was suffering without acrow props. The substitute used for acrow props was wooden props and scaffolding during that period. Wooden props required cutting each time to fit the structure so it was discarded after single use making it less cost-effective. The wooden props were vulnerable to damp and fire so they were not safe either. You can also find Shuttering Products on Rent in Mumbai. Let’s find out the salient purpose of acrow props.

The purpose of acrow prop

Acrow props are used in scaffolding or for direct support in the following circumstances or conditions:

It is used to create a hole in a wall to make an archway, doorway or window.

Eliminating a wall.

False support for secured concrete and beams.

It provides formwork for stairs, walls, and columns.

It offers temporary support for repairs, beams, lintels, and canopies, installing wall ties, doors or new windows.

Acrow props provide vertical support and base to add additional support products. It can be used with other products as well. They are versatile, economical and time-effective to fix and adapt as work proceeds. Acrow props can be used with the following products:

To spread load weight, they are used with timber needles and provide support in the middle. The support provided by the acrow props are used from 200mm at each end of heavy timber beams.

Up to 340 kg of additional support can be offered per Strongboy Bracket.

Forkheads can be used to safely fix the timber beam in place.

Prop bracing couplers can be used to offer fixed or swivel angle to secure acrow props to scaffold structures.

Acrow props are lightweight products so they can be easily installed by a single person. So, it saves time.

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